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Анализатор молока "Эксперт Супер Плем"
Анализатор молока "Эксперт Супер Плем" - фото 1 Анализатор молока "Эксперт Супер Плем" - фото 2 Анализатор молока "Эксперт Супер Плем" - фото 3 Анализатор молока "Эксперт Супер Плем" - фото 4
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Анализатор молока "Эксперт Супер Плем"

8 000 $/штука
оптовая цена
4 800 - 7 200 $/штука
Условия поставки: EXW Краснообск
Мандронов Алексей Владимирович
руководитель отдела продаж
,  Краснообск, RU
на Флагма с 3 мая 2018


This is a new and unique milk analyzer, which has no analogues in its class in terms of performance, technical parameters and quality ― considering its cost.
It was, created for work in laboratories: veterinary control, breeding farms, large producers and processors of milk.
display settings in Russian, Chinese, English
Possible calibrations:
- raw milk (any animal)
- reconstituted milk (from milk powder)
- pasteurized milk
- a mixture of milk and vegetable fat
- - cream and ice cream mixes, fat content up to 45% and SOMO up to 40%
- milk skim (with a resolution of 0.01%)
- individual calibration to suit Your needs
Analyzer "Expert Super Plem" allows you to determine 11 indicators with speed and accuracy of the infrared measurement method.

The measured parameter Measuring range
Mass fraction of fat, % 0,01…25,0 (optional-up to 45%)
Mass fraction of protein, % 2,0…15,0
Mass fraction of dry fat-free milk residue, % 3,0…40,0
Density, g/cm3 1000…1160
Freezing point, OS -0,400…-0,700
Mass fraction of water, % 0…70
Mass fraction of lactose, % 0,01…20,0
Mass fraction of salts, (Falsification) % 0,4…4,0
PH acidity 0…14
The acidity of Tho (C Turner's) 10…30
Conductivity, (mS/cm) 2…20
Sample temperature, oC 0…+50
The weight of batch, KG 0…150
Work through remote access. The Wi-Fi function allows you to send online data from the analyzer to any other computer, regardless of its removal via the Internet; (the operator can be at any distance from the analyzer). This function allows the service engineer to diagnose your analyzer via the Internet-it no longer needs to be, sent to the service center!
* The system of data collection in online mode allows you to save up to 800 measurements, and in archive mode to infinity!
* Software (under the operating system Windows 7, 8, 10).
* Now You can before measurement:
* - assign a number or "nickname" of the animal
* - specify supplier name, batch number
The analyzer automatically saves this information in the data collection system. With it, you can, for example, calculate the cost of the party for each counterparty, as well as generate daily, monthly and annual reports.
* Equipped with a built-in battery that allows Autonomous from the mains 220V work up to 8 hours in the data processing mode.
* Power supply capability from 220V / 12V.
* Three USB connectors for fast data storage, connection of a stand-alone printer or connection of the analyzer to the Enternet network allow you to work remotely from the information processing center.
* Work with the sample of milk from +5 °C without additional heating.
* The channel for measuring samples of cream with fat content up to 45%.
* You choose any three of the calibration, including raw milk, pasteurized, skim milk, cream (milk any animals).
* Detection of falsified milk through non-standard samples (the presence of detergents, inhibitors, somatic cells).
* Time of one measurement-50 s, productivity - up to 60 samples per hour. It is possible to supply in the performance, allowing to perform a measurement in 30 seconds, which increases performance up to 100 samples per hour.
* Built-in thermal printer (prints all measurement data/date/number).
* Built-in pH meter (determination of acidity in pH and Turner degrees)
* Electronic clock/date
* The "Expert Super Plem" analyzer has a fully automatic workflow management:
* injection of the sample measurement and draining after
* the ring or running the washing after the measurement. This flushing is most effective, which affects the durability of the device.

Номер объявления: 21940
,  Краснообск, RU
на Флагма с 3 мая 2018

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