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Добавлено: 29 августа 2020, 16:48


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Agri Ventures Fze Ali Magsi
export Manager
Agri Ventures Fze, FZE,  Дубай, AE
на Флагма с 5 сентября 2019


Agri Ventures Fze, . is a manufacturer of Pesticides in Dubai, UAE .

Our markets are: Africa, CIS, Russia, and Middle East
We serve customers through two main divisions:

1) Pesticides Division: This includes insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, rodenticides, bio pesticides and combination products.
We have a wide range of active substances, good prices, labels, packaging & guaranteed quality.
2) Fertilizer division: this includes trace elements, chelated nutrients, secondary nutrients, water-soluble fertilizers, bio fertilizers, growth stimulants, growth regulators, growth enhancers, bio stimulants, etc.
More than 200+ registrations in more than 25 countries spanning 4 continents are evidence of our depth of regulation and our ability to meet the regulatory requirements of a particular country, indicating a few below:
1. Help with registration by providing full registration Dossiers.
2. Our registrations cover the entire spectrum of markets.
3. We provide full assistance on the dossiers of our products.
4. We provide free sales certificates for all our products.

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Agri Ventures Fze, FZE,  Дубай, AE
на Флагма с 5 сентября 2019
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Agri Ventures Fze Ali Magsi
export Manager
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