Maltodextrin potato or corn 1000 MT in year
Солнечные семена, LLC, BY
¥ 3.93 / pc EXW  ¥ 3.91-3.92 / pc wholesale
熏制辣椒粉 “Espanapequeño” 是西班牙最受歡迎的香料之一。這款產品非常普遍,適合所有菜餚和飲料。...
ВикШир, LLC, UA
我们卖len亮1000吨以上的条款FAS,离岸价,FCA。 质量:湿7%的杂质-1%,石油杂质的1%,石油产量不低于41%以上。 批发价-550美元。 最低数量为22吨。 收获的2018年。 真诚的,弗拉基米尔 手机免费
Симов Н.А., SP, UA
Natural juice from Kazakhstan
from $0.50 / l wholesale EXW
Juice of a direct extraction from fruit from own gardens in the...
Agros BT, LLPlLimited liability company (ТОО), KZ
Iron board military fabric
4 / pc EXW  1-3 / pc wholesale
Iron on appliques Military style. Wide variety of varies shapes and...
Fadeeva A., DI, IT
$207 / t EXW
Chemical composition: carbon-more than 81%, ash – up to 13%, sulfur...
Сатис, LLC, RU
Cis-isoprene synthetic rubber SKI-3. GOST 14925-79
from 3,000 / t wholesale EXW
Cis-isoprene synthetic rubber SKI-3. GOST 14925-79 Used for making...
Урал, LLC, RU
Milk Shake Mix Premialle
$1.40 / Vacuum Pack FCA  $1.40-4 / Vacuum Pack wholesale
Unique product that has very simple way to prepare: 1. Open a package...
Premier Food, LLC, UA
Pine poles
Dear Sirs! We have pleasure in offering you our products:pine poles and pickets. Diameters: 6-20 cm. Length:1-6m. Capacity of...
Вуд-Импекс, LLC, UA
$21 / pc CIF  $21-24 / pc wholesale
我们供应散装干燥和湿盐驴皮可供出售是一个真正的皮革产品种类繁多。 我们的商品既是原料,也是半成品。 它们被用作许多行业的原材料。...
Liviko AS, OÜ, EE
Charcoal briquette hexagonal
$550 / t FCA  $550 / t wholesale
We are whole sale suppliers of best quality oak wood charcoal...
Тара Трейд Ко, LLC, UA
SIPs - Structural Insulated Panels (Green Buildings)
280 / sq m  220-250 / sq m wholesale
Good afternoon! My name is Stepan Pushkar, I am the head of the...
LTD “Agro-Alliance”, founded in 2010, is one of the leading Ukrainian group for exports of grains, oilseeds and their derivatives. We suggest...
Agro Alliance, LLC, UA
¥ 2,372.89 / t EXW
There are now 2 types, red and white Details on the conditions,...
СПТ Сервис, LLC, RU
Cellular and monolithic polycarbonate sheets
1-2 / sq m wholesale EXW
Implementing major wholesale export of cellular and monolithic...
Эковис, LLC, RU
Sunflower oil
Selling sunflower oil from Ukraine. We offer direct supplies of quality sunflower oil, refined and not refined, in pet bottles and in bulk...
Армада К, LLC, UA
沥青 Bitumen, Bitumen powder
$80 / t EXW
Company "Samsonov and Knudsen" offers Bitumen powder consisting of...
Самсонов и Кнудсен, JLLC, BY
Tapioca starch 1000 MT in year
Солнечные семена, LLC, BY
Chicken eggs
$0.05 / pc FCA  $0.05-0.10 / pc wholesale
Dear Sirs, will be glad help you to find the best quality Chicken...
Укрест, LLC, UA
Thermally modified wood
20 / sq m EXW  17-18 / sq m wholesale
I offer heat-treated wood. Thermoeasine, thermosens, thermosilver and...
Термообработка, LLC, UA
Flagmа* Available in 52 countries